The process and manufacturing companies operate under strict conditions, meeting regulatory and compliance standards. They need quick and effective ordering processes to ensure customer needs are well understood and instantly addressed.

Microsoft Dynamics offers powerful, integrated management solutions for companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry. These solutions can help you speed the process of delivering your products.

With dynamics you can:

  • Manage safety, quality and regulatory requirements.
  • Manage costs.
  • Process inventory Management.
  • Tracking ingredients through manufacturing process.
  • Recipe Management and Production.
  • Organize and simplify your supply chain.
  • Production process optimization.
  • Profit margin analysis.
  • Manage and track order cycles.
  • Have detailed reports which can help in taking right decision.

With dynamics you can deal with product recalls tracing the product from the supplier through production and distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also support Good manufacturing practices to ensure products are produced to quality standards.

Low total cost of ownership

Microsoft dynamics AX is built on Microsoft technologies. You can take advantage of existing IT Investments such as Microsoft office and Microsoft server.

Manage your Supply Chain

  • With dynamics you can manage your product ingredients and calculation methods e.g. FIFO calculations for inventory picking.
  • Complete traceability of lot/patch and serial numbers.
  • Process monitoring to make sure you achieve the best quality


  • Promotions are sometimes important to do. With Dynamics powerful analytical tools you can review and analyze your sales history.
  • Plan and set your promotions
  • Use metrics to know the effectiveness of your promotions and evaluate your outcomes.
  • Setup multiple promotion plans and see which is the most effective.

Recipe Management

  • Managing your items makes you go through analysis cycles to evaluate and compare your items attributes, and costs. Cost benefit analysis can be made to know whether selling or disposing your items is better.
  • View reports of your custom designed dimensions.
  • Lot/batch management.

Dynamics is cost-effective customizable and scalable solution that helps you run your manufacturing process effectively and efficiently. More collaboration with your partners can be achieved with the supply chain management tools as you can even extend your business online.

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