Microsoft Dynamics for retail is an end to end retail solution that connects people, information, and processes across your organization.

By using Dynamics AX you have a centralized management for your stores, while optimizing your supply chain with specialized built in retail components that works out of the box.

Accelerate your business

Single solution that you can use to standardized your processes, while reducing complexity and managing your operations more effectively and efficiently.

Expanding your retail channels

With advanced capabilities of supply chain management, you can develop your business model, and increase the number of your stores.

Low total cost of ownership

Microsoft dynamics is built on Microsoft technologies that use the familiar and easy to use user interface. This shortens your learning and training time curve, so you can be more productive and efficient.

Microsoft dynamics is a flexible and agile solution. It can Support new technologies with current investment.

With Microsoft dynamics for retail you can:

  • Manage your Point of Sale terminals centrally, including visuals such as layout interface and setting security permissions.
  • Deploy critical updates across your organization, and have up to date information of your inventory, financials, and sales order payments.
  • Fault-tolerant system that lets you to continue capture transactions and serve customers even if connectivity with headquarters is down.
  • Powerful POS that includes: on account, returns management, info codes, return/voids/markdowns, and inventory receipt/lookup/counts.
  • Pricing flexibility that includes mix and match, group/item/customer discounts, and buy one get one free
  • Purchasing optimization. You can purchase quantities based on size, and color. You can use cross-docking to suggest item distribution between stores, and have immediate updates to transfer journals.
  • Operate your business across different geographical locations with flexibility.
  • Publishing and managing catalogs across multiple channels

Supports industry hardware standards, which gives you flexibility in your hardware and peripheral choice.

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