Supply Chain


Microsoft Dynamics can help people in different ways to plan, coordinate, and executive delivery of goods and services productively. Microsoft Dynamics help in connecting information from different people throughout the organization. This helps in managing critical tasks, keeping track of your inventory, price negotiation with suppliers, product shipment, or other critical tasks.

With Microsoft Dynamics, supply chain efficiency can be greatly improved. Microsoft Dynamics is built on Microsoft technologies, and uses a familiar and comfortable interface like other Microsoft products. This shortens the learning time curve, meaning less time spent on learning and training.

More control

As a Microsoft partner Right Group can tailor Microsoft dynamics with the appropriate customizations to fit your business needs.

Automatic notification feature lets you monitor your inventory, helping sustain optimal levels. Your team easily connects with operations making sure the manufacturing has the material available for production and delivering products on time.

Dynamics business portal technology brings supply chain functions online letting you have more team collaboration. Business portal technology gives you access to supply chain functions online, documents, and valuable information to people across the chain whether they are in or outside the organization. Executive team can also access important reports, monitoring performance, and accessing other important data to take right decisions at the right time.

Be more productive

Dynamics provide the tools that let you and your business partner’s work in a way that lets your business model advance.

Let your employees have more co-operations with your business partners. Let them have access to vendor communications, agreements, and commitments. By using Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft products you can streamline your work process with your business partners. Even more work collaboration can be done with business partners using EDI (electronic document interchange) without having to implement EDI in your own business.

By using Dynamics for supply chain management your employees can monitor and report actual productivity, and the business value of each vendor, and making appropriate corrections.

Right Group team can help you implement Supply chain management software according to your business needs.

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