Human Plus

Human Plus is The ideal solution for human resources management is to have single system that securely capture all employee data from home address and emergency contacts to performance evaluation and vacation time. Centralize and easily access employee records. Store data such employee personal data and promotions in one secure place. Catalog performance reviews and assign managers to employees. Authorized personnel also can use HumanPlus® to view comprehensive and up-to-the-minute reports.

Payroll Management

  • Ability to Link the employee with his own currency and Print reports using multi currencies.
  • Post the payroll journal to Dynamics with the company functional\master currency.
  • Bank Transfer to multi banks for the same employee at the same period.
  • Human plus now provide the customer by Profit Shares distribution and retroactive cycles.
  • Ability to save and print Tax reconciliation report.
  • Save your time, make it clear and send it to each one by e-mail or SMS.
  • New features in loan module like ability to deduct the loan as percentage from the salary monthly

Time Management

  • Ability to handle cost allocation across mutable cost centers (e.g. projects, work orders) on the same day.
  • Ability to handle mutable status in the attendance sheet on the same day.
  • Link with time attendance device online without any Uploading by end user.

Insurance Management

  • Ability to use the insurance module not only for social insurance but also for many types of insurance like medical insurance and life insurance … etc.
  • Ability to integrate the insurance module with the payroll module

End of services settlement

  • Manage employee end of service Process (EOS)
  • Ability to change the (EOS) rules and polices according to governmental changes
  • Now the setup of (EOS) be easier, simple and user friendly
  • Ability to save and print the (EOS) settlement document from the Human plus system

Vacation Settlement

  • Ability to make automatic calculation for the working days.
  • Ability to make automatic calculation for the accrued vacation balance according to the contract
  • Ability to calculate automatically the vacation settlement value
  • HumanPlus Expert can provide the user the current balance of vacation according to the contract, the value of loans accrued, Iqama Expiry date and Passport Expiry date …. Etc.
  • Ability to save and print the vacation settlement form.

Penalties Module

  • Define Internal Policies and Penalties Rules.
  • Define the penalties as per the labor low.
  • Ability to integrate the penalties module with the payroll and performance appraisal module.


  • Ability to follow up the applicant interviews.
  • Ability to create the exams and the required tests.
  • Ability to send automatic e-mails to the applicant.
  • The user of recruitment module can save the history of job offers until the final acceptance.

Performance Appraisal

  • Identify key performance criteria (companies, Objectives, Q&A, Disciplines, 360 degree and succession plans).
  • The Module can provide the appraiser final conclusion and recommendations about the employee evaluation.
  • Ability to send automatic e-mails to the applicant.
  • Ability to run the performance appraisal according to pre-defined annual plan.

Employee Self Services

The Employee Self Services web based module and will cover the following process:

  • Leave Request
  • Mission Request
  • Permission Request
  • Leaves Approvals
  • Missions Approvals
  • Permissions Approvals
  • Time Sheet
  • Company Survey
  • Company News
  • Employee Complains
  • Applicants
  • Reports (Pay slip-Leaves Balance-Loans)

Documents Workflow

The workflow will work on the top of HumanPlus® application and it cover the following processes:

  • Employee Leave Request
  • Employee End of Service Cycle
  • Employee Exit\re-entry Cycle
  • The user will be able to define the process steps and assign each step to an application user that can be mapped on specific employ e or to a position.

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