People First

People First is a complete payroll and personnel application that complements Microsoft Dynamics with functions that focus on human resources and its processes. It is developed following the Middle-East requirements.

People First Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX is built on a single, object-oriented architecture and developed using the X++ programming language and the Microsoft MorphX® development environment. It supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for report development and analysis.


With its easy navigation and user-friendly interface, it is specifically designed to eliminate tedious and time consuming administrative work which might appear in other Microsoft Dynamics AX processes. The Payroll System encompasses all modules and processes in the Payroll lifecycle. Whether it’s running and managing payroll processes and calculations, loans, settlements, approving timesheets, developing specific reports utilizing our in-built dynamic reports, uploading or scanning documents or merely accessing ones pay slip – People First caters for all organizations – irrespective of their business environment, size, industry or location.

People First Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX

As part of a fully integrated business management solution, People First Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX can help businesses streamline their processes, reduce costs, gain insight into personnel costs, and improve payroll accuracy—even when dealing with exceptions and complex workforce challenges. Payroll can manage everything from time entry to posting to GL, including complex calculations for earnings, benefits, deductions and pensions. The solution offers effective-date capabilities, and handles income tax obligations. It support Eligibility Matrix configuration with (minimum – midpoint – maximum) values. With flexible user-defined rules, businesses can adapt corporate processes to changing workforce needs and demanding requirements. Designed to help connect information and processes across the enterprise, People First Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers business-wide visibility into employee status and history. An integral component of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Payroll works with an intuitive, empowering employees with a solution that’s easy to learn and use and reducing the need to juggle separate applications. It also integrates tightly with the Microsoft Dynamics AX database structure and operates smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources and general ledger functionality as well as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

With Payroll, businesses can gain better control over their payroll operations and transform payroll into a strategic tool for monitoring performance and deploying personnel more effectively across the enterprise.

Payroll configuration

  • Payroll master data –Ability to define unlimited earnings and deductions base on specific calculations.
  • Deferent types of payroll items values (hours – days – amounts – months -….)
  • Calculation design function to create deferent types of calculation and formulas

End of services settlement

  • Manage employee end of service Process (EOS)
  • Ability to change the (EOS) rules and polices according to governmental changes
  • Now the setup of (EOS) be easier, simple and user friendly
  • Ability to save and print the (EOS) settlement document from the Human plus system
  • Easley to define pensions and tax income calculations
  • Ability to create eligibility rule according to eligibility matrix and salary scale
  • Employee salary package versions.
  • Full payroll setup and run – includes payroll runs for leaves and termination.
  • Ability to calculated accruals items
  • Ability to define payroll pay periods (Monthly- weekly-…).

Payroll transactions

  • Monthly transactions – miscellaneous earnings – absence – penalties.
  • Settlements transactions (employees quick payments) such as business trip allowance, trainings allowances…
  • Approval authorization level on payroll transactions.
  • Employee salary simulation functionality to view employee Net salary after transaction effect.
  • Integrated with Time Attendance module.

Dynamics AX integration

  • Fully integrated with Human Resources Module.
  • GL integration –GL account lookup and setup.
  • Define GL dimensions allocation.
  • Printing GL distribution report

Loan module

  • Create deferent types of loans.
  • Tracking and maintain loan start date, end date and loan installments..
  • Ability to freeze loan installments.


  • System generated pay slip.
  • Ability to create and generate bank transfer report with configurable format.
  • Various management, department summary and payroll master reports.


System Capability – Multi-faceted implementation options which can be applied across multiple industries, locations and business environments utilizing multiple currencies.

  • System integrity – The system is built into Microsoft Dynamics Ax and fully integrated with Axapta modules
  • Ease of Data Migration – the process of Data Migration is simplistic and time-saving in nature.
  • System Automation – which help to move towards a paperless environment
  • Ease of Product Implementation – best practice utilization of project management resources

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