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Academy Philosophy

Right Group Dynamics Academy is focused on offering intensive training courses with foundational and case-based education, designed after real customer situations.
Our aim is to enhance the consultation market with qualified professional resources. Microsoft jointly funds the scholarship with Right Group and its Academy to fully benefit from the professional consultation experience of Right Group’s resources.
Only most recent and up-to-date technologies are incorporated in the products we develop. It means our clients are ahead in their market competition.

We live in an ever-changing world. As we believe in the newest and up-to- date technologies, we know that it will soon be updated, no matter how perfect it is. We have our eyes on the future. When we create a solution, we put in mind how flexible it is to cope with potential prospective upgrades.

We use our in-house professional expertise and to support our planning for any business software. We apply our own methodology and tailor it for our client organizations. As our client, you know that the service we offer is solely dedicated to you.

The research and planning effort we do enables us to make sure it fits your business targets. It is always within budget, and within the agreed time limits.

It is not about our geographical location and the physical proximity. As leaders of the regional market, we simply know it better. It gave us a very close understanding of the local business culture, its opportunities and threats. We are able to fit the latest cutting-edge world-class business software technologies into your local market.

Our previous achievements speak for themselves. You will be able to secure the right solution for your company without fearing any unexpected risks.