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Strategic ERP and CRM Implementation Services

With our expertise in Microsoft’s Dynamics, Right Group is leading the region’s market in developing industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

We live in a world filled with great market challenges. Economics are fluctuating, customer expectations rise, industry trends constantly change, and we all seek less business costs. Right can help your business smoothly cope with these challenges.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, Right Group’s solutions are recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and President’s Club Member for the outstanding services we offer.

With our own methodology of tailoring Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems for your company, you can make:
  • Build and track the progress of your marketing campaigns
  • Track your product sales and customer behavior
  • Manage sales history and customer records

  • Track your manufacturing processes

  • Efficiently plan your schedules and growth plans

  • Track your resources

  • Create faster and automated production orders

  • Manage global and local operations

  • Efficiently work with your partners

  • Track you customers, contacts, and business partners

  • Track business development activity

  • Track potential project opportunities

  • Track customer case management and problem solving

  • Synchronize your customer-related key 

Our methodology is designed to provide numerous flexible options to meet your unique business needs. Our long-term market activity gave us a deep understanding of trending industry tendencies. We help you achieve better business results, much faster and with less cost and risk.